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Adult Females

Ready for a new, loving home!

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SHR D&R's Yeti JH -$4,000- SOLD

Meet Yeti, the exceptional female hunting dog, holding the title SHR D&R's Yeti JH. Born with purpose and grace, this remarkable canine boasts a lineage of hunting champions. With her sleek coat and majestic presence, Yeti exudes both elegance and vitality.

Her innate hunting instincts and sharp sense of smell make her an invaluable asset for any hunting enthusiast. Yeti's achievements include the Junior Hunter (JH) title, demonstrating her expertise in tracking and retrieving games.

Beyond her hunting prowess, Yeti is known for her gentle and affectionate nature, making her a cherished family companion. Her warm demeanor extends to children and other pets, seamlessly blending her hunting skills with a loving disposition.

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